Family Names

Family Names by Catherine Pelonero

Family Names coverWinner of the Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival
Comedy, 2f, approximate running time 10 minutes
Published & licensed by Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 9780573695018

From Samuel French:
Winner! Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival
This play draws laughs like the Abbott and Costello classic Who’s on First? An attractive woman announces to a receptionist that she is her husband’s mistress. The receptionist is not married, but her brother does have the same name as the husband in question, and the receptionist has the same name as her sister-in-law. In fact, this large family has many identical names. The more questions the mistress asks, the more bewildered she becomes.


Time Period – Contemporary
Settings Of Play – An office.

Betrayal, Love, Marriage

College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival

No intermission
Scene work, Competition or audition material
Interior Set, Bare Stage/Simple Set
Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes

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